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Malaga, the Birthplace of Pablo Picasso


The beautiful city of Malaga is a really vital city for Spanish tourism. It is popular for its historical places as well as the modern attractions that are built to promote the city to the world. The municipal council of the city has done a really good job building this city and you can see that the tourist’s attractions here are properly managed and also safe to be visited by everyone. Currently, the council is trying to get the title ‘European Culture Capital’ for Malaga to open more eyes that will see that Spain does not only have Madrid, Granada and Barcelona.

Malaga has an international airport serving it which is known as Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport. Over ten million passengers pass through the terminal’s airport every year and the numbers steadily increasing each year. It has flights that goes to over one hundred cities in Europe alone, and there are also flights to other continents like Africa and America. Car hire Malaga will be your best bet to find a car that suite your need and budget. They always have great packages, so you will be able to save more to be used for other things like souvenirs and food.

As Malaga is popular for the historic significance of Pablo Picasso, who was born in this city, you will find a lot of places here that dedicated themselves to Picasso. One of the popular places in Malaga that is related to Picasso will be the house where he lived for a part of his lifetime at El Museo Casa Natal. This museum is formerly a house where Picasso’s father, Jose Quiz Blasco lives with his family for a short four years before they moved to another place.

In here, you can see the arts and paintings made by other famous painters from the Picasso era which also originated from Malaga like Joaquin de Molina, Bola Barrionuevo and Rogelio Lopez Cuenca. If you love to see the arts and paintings from the olden times, you will ultimately enjoy your time at this museum. The entry fee is a mere 1 Euro which is quite a bargain for the amount of exhibits that can be found here. Not only the artworks from Malaga artists are shown here, there are also other works from Guinovart, Chillida and Dokoupil. If you want to know more about each artwork displayed here, you can opt to use the guided tours provided to enlighten you.